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Thread: My hedgie was sick and now he's acting weird...

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    My hedgie was sick and now he's acting weird...

    So about a week ago, I came home to find my 3 month old hedgehog, Roo, in a pool of blood. Naturally, I freaked out and took him to the nearest emergency vet, which didn't really know how to treat hedgehogs. So, we were unable to learn a whole lot about what was wrong but the vet put him on meds. We found out he was bleeding from his penis, so we suspected a urinary tract infection. Since then, I haven't found any more blood, Roo has been eating, drinking, and playing normally and his urine and feces look normal. Then today I had him out to show to my roommate's friends and he bit me. The only other time he's bitten me was last week, the day before I found him in blood. I chalked up the last biting incident to him not feeling well, but this time it was out of the blue. Not only did he bite, but he bit hard enough to draw blood and more than one. He's a sweet hedgie and he's never shown any signs of being aggressive toward me. I kept him out for a while and he seemed a little withdrawn. The antibiotics still have about four more days, and I haven't found any blood but his behavior concerns me. I've only had him for about a month now so I worry because I don't know much about hedgehogs. If you have had any experience with something like this or think you may know what's up, please let me know.
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    For the biting, he could still not be feeling well either from the illness or from the antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause stomach upset. If you think this may be the case, you can give him a little bit of yogurt or beneficial bacteria (the brand name is benebac) He may also just be holding a grudge because you are giving him medicine every day. He should get happier as he recovers more and you are done with the medicine if this is the case
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