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    Breeder starting out

    Hello! My name is Valena, I have owned pet hedgehogs for many years. Just recently my old male hedgehog passed away and I was heart broken. I share my love for hedgehogs with my cousin, Kaiya. We decided we love hedgehogs so much that we wanted to breed. We want to breed hedgehogs with wonderful temperaments and breed strong healthy bloodlines. We just recently bought 2 unrelated hedgehogs from a USDA breeder, Tiggywinkles. I have done TONS and TONS of breeding research, but I wanted to ask some of the experienced breeders on here for any advise they may have.

    In the future, I plan to get a USDA license. Right now, Im just planning on having 1 breeding pair and expanding later.

    Thank you!!

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    Hi Valena-starting out small is good and easier to see if you like it. Its also important to have a vet who is comfortable treating hedgehogs because the more hedgehogs you have, especially babies, the more likely you are to need vet care
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    Thats what I thought before I expand. And yes, I do have a vet that takes hedgehogs.

    Thank you!

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