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Thread: Please Help me! I don't know what's wrong!

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    Please Help me! I don't know what's wrong!

    Okay so July 6 my hedgehog Loki was suddenly having troubles walking and could barely walk. This lasted 3 days and then he began walking normally again. Then as of 5ish days ago he started walking strangely.. sort of hobbling. Gave him a bath and saw that his right front paw was the problem! He is walking on the wrist of his paw rather than the pad and seems to have no control over that paw at all. His poop is also much shorter than normal although the same general amount. Don't know what is relevant and what isn't so I'm just including everything! I also changed his food around July 14th ish? From Spike's Delite to Blue Buffalo Basics Duck and Potato.

    Please help me? :c My mother will not let me take him to the vet

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    This sounds EXACTLY like what is happening to Loki! The red bump is there and his foot is bent other than I do not have a silent spinner so I don't believe it was the wheel and no one posted any solution!! He is still walking around with his paw bent on his wrist! This cannot be good for him

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    You should bring your hedgehog to the vet. By feeling and looking at the foot, the vet will be able to tell if it is broken, sprained, or if there is something neurological going on. He could have injured and re-injured it but if it has not healed by now you should have it looked at. He may also be in pain and they could give him medicine for it.
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