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Thread: Hedgehog acting weird after using Revolution

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    Hedgehog acting weird after using Revolution

    So about a week ago, I was exposed to feather mites. I am a wildlife rehabilitator so it's not uncommon. However, I was worried that I could transfer them to my hedgehog, Roo. I asked my breeder (who is very good at what she does and is very reliable) what I should do or if I should worry about it. She said that I could use Revolution as a preventive treatment for mites. I talked to my vet (who does not do exotics) and she ordered the stuff for me without seeing Roo because I trust my breeder completely. I gave Roo 2 drops because that's what the breeder said to do. i administered everything correctly but now (a few hours later) I've noticed he's acting kind of weird. I took him out and he didn't uncurl at all (even after an hour of having him out in my hands). I'm probably being kind of paranoid because he's my first hedgehog and I worry about him. I know most people would think that maybe he's just grumpy (I've been away for two days to visit my mother). This might sound strange, but I just have a weird feeling in my gut. I don't want to jump to conclusions and take him to the emergency get and end up paying an arm and a leg for the vet to tell me I'm bonkers and he's fine. He's about 6 months old too (not sure if that helps). I haven't heard of anyone having negative experiences with revolution other than the occasional not working because the mites are unusual. If anyone can give me advice I would very much appreciate it.
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    How is your hedgehog now that some time has passed? I have had some react just to the sensation of the drop of medicine on their skin, but after a day or two they are fine. I only use one drop not two and it usually is all they need. I know that selamectin (revolution) is known for having a lot less side effects than other medicines of that type so I would be interested in hearing if your hedgehog is having problems still
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