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Thread: Hedgehog passed away

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    Hedgehog passed away

    Hi everyone, i had gotten an albino hedgehog about three years ago now. She sadly passed away yesterday night and i cannot figure out what went wrong. We had gotten her from a family in the area that had two hedgehogs that had babies, it seemed ok they explained about her to us and what we needed and everything and it went really well for these past years from what i could tell. She always ate well (we would give her a variety of foods generally chicken but also fish and beef too as well as a hedgehog dry food and meal worms*not dried* some fruits and sweet potato as well) About two weeks ago she stopped eating. We were concerned but i was heading back to school and so we had to put off taking her to the vet for a few days. She ate little to nothing in those few days and when my mom got home, about a week ago, she took Prickles to the vet. The vet took X-rays and said there were no blockages and then sent her home with medication to take. She ate a few pieces of food with the medication the first day but then went back to not eating so she had to be syringe fed then medication and food every morning and night. She was still noticeably getting weaker but we assumed that was because she had not really eaten anything in a week and a half. When my mom syringe fed her yesterday morning she did over feed her, she was concerned she was not eating enough, and prickles did throw up. She also did start feeding her high protein low fat cat food as opposed to her normal chicken and vegetables when she started syringe feeding her. She was still active on her wheel this whole time and would come out and run around every night. The only other change i could think that was made was for the summer we moved her downstairs. upstairs is kept at 75 degrees always but downstairs was normally from 70-72 degrees. She was away from any vents so she didn't get chilly and we did put a heating disk in there but she moved away from it. If anyone has any idea what it could have been i would be so grateful.

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    I'm sorry you lost your hedgehog. Without a necropsy it is really hard to say what may have happened. She was over 3 so she would be an older hedgehog and may have just been declining due to age. They are also prone to cancers and liver and kidney issues which don't always show too many symptoms and can really only be determined sometimes through necropsy. They can hide the fact they are not feeling well so that makes it harder. The fact she was not eating on her own means there was something wrong and when it is prolonged like that it can also cause other problems because they are so small and dont do well when they are not eating. It sounds like you , your mom and the vet did everything you could to try to get her well
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    I'm so sorry.

    It sounds like you gave her a wonderful life and did your best to make her comfortable. Its true, hedgehogs are prone to diseases you can't see such as liver problems and cancer. There was likely nothing you could do.

    I've heard that albino animals also are more prone to immune system problems, cancer, and a shorter lifespan.

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    I am sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing okay.

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