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    Cage ideas

    I wanted to get some cage ideas from you guys. I'm thinking of using either a tank which measures at 48in.x13in.x14in. (LxDxH) or a plastic bin which measures at 24in.x15in.x13in. (LxDxH). It doesn't look like a huge difference to me, but I'm still wondering which is better to use. Of course if I can get a bigger size, I will.
    Another question I have is what material should I use for the bedding? Some people use wood shaving and others use fleece lining, the latter is harder to find and I've no clue where to get them besides online.

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    Personally, I would use a plastic bin-they are much lighter and easier to clean than a tank. I use aspen or carefresh-you can try fleece too. If you don't want to buy online and have a fabric store nearby you can make your own. You can try both and see which you and the hedgehog prefer
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    I would use a plastic bin for the reasons Ann mentioned. I would also use carefresh--you can get this at most petstores. Wood shavings create dust and are not as good for the hedgies lungs. Carefresh is soft and has no odor.

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