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Thread: New hedgie balling up

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    New hedgie balling up

    I finally brought home the Hedgehog that I adopted from my friend. He's a 3 month old Albino named Oatmeal. My friend keeps all his hedgies (he had 9 minus Oatmeal so he has 8 left) in an outdoor enclosure and since he has so many he hardly socializes with them which is why I think Oatmeal is so afraid of me. I left a shirt which I used the whole day in his bin to get him familiar with my scent, but still he balls up and hisses at me when I have my hand inside the bin. I also try to talk to him with a calm voice as I'm approaching so he knows I'm coming. I picked him up with a towel once and placed him on my lap, but he was balled up for more than 10 minutes then he came out, pooped and urinated all over me and curled back up for another 10 before I put him back in his bin. Are there anymore socialization techniques I should try? He's been like this for a week already.

    On another note, I think Oatmeal is older than 3 months since he's really big. Maybe around 5 months, but I'm not too sure. I tried getting his birthday from my friend, but he always says it's either in September or October.
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    Read the handling and socialization articles and try the hints mentioned there. Also make sure he is warm enough-I am not sure where you are but since you mention outdoor enclosures I assume its somewhere warm. Even if it is warm outside, hedgehogs like it between 72F and 80F and not being warm enough or dealing with temperature swings can make them grumpy too. On his age, you really can't tell by size once they are 8-10 weeks old. The most important thing is to give it some time-even the friendliest hedgehog usually needs some time to get used to its new home and if he is grumpy it will take longer.
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    And sometimes a hedgehog will try to psyche you out with grumpiness and you cannot allow this Don't be psyched out by your hedgehog.

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