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Thread: Something is wrong, but can't figure out what

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    Something is wrong, but can't figure out what

    Hello community, so I'm having problems with my hedgehog, but just can't figure out what the problem is. I've been browsing the forum for the past few days but can't find anything helpful. It started about 6 months ago.

    My hedgehog is 4 years old, and he has lost alot of weight, he just isn't eating enough. Well he is eating, but the amount is close to none, sometimes he's not eating at all and I don't know why (there are days when the amount he eats go really high, but it happens once every 10 days). His poop is fine, his urine is also normal, he isn't losing any quills, he doesn't have mites, his box and sleeping space is also fine, I can't see any problems or injuries on his body. I fell like sometimes he's walking different than before, almost like his behind is staying lower to the ground then before, but than again, his feet and paws are also fine, no damage at all.

    About his food, he's gettin the same food since the day he was born, that crunchy cat food. Since he lost alot of his teeth, I've been pouring some water in the food to make it softer, and he liked it, he was eating like that for almost a year. Even so, I've bought new different soft food and still there is no changes.

    Someone told me ''isn't he just old'', it could be true, but I'm nost sure if 4 years is classified by old, since they live from 6-9 if I'm not wrong.

    I don't have any vets near my place (or anywhere remotely near my town) so I can't get him checked.

    Just can't figure out why he's not eating, his body is fine, food is the same, enviroment is also the same, his behaviour is a bit different, he used to run, now he just walks here and there, got lazy, but that's all. Now he's really skinny and I can't force him to eat. Like I said, it did start 6 months ago, but at that time he was eating just a bit less, now he usualy barely eats.
    Does anyone have a clue what could be the case ? Is it really the age ? If it's something else, well, as I said, don't have a vet to check, so I need all the help I can get.

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    If he is 4, it could be just age. A realistic lifespan for hedgehogs is 3-5 years. Some can live 6-9 but it is more like an 80-100 year old human-not all make it that long. As they get older they need it warmer so make sure he is warm enough-that alone could make him eat more. His teeth and gums may be sore and that is why he is eating less. If he likes the food moist keep doing that. Try other soft foods-bananas, baby food, etc and you may find something else he likes a lot that will keep his weight up
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