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Thread: Home for Thanksgiving break, Hedgie acting out

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    Unhappy Home for Thanksgiving break, Hedgie acting out

    So I have a female hedgehog named Penelope who turned one in July. I have had her for about a year and she is usually very friendly despite having her off/grumpy days. I am home from college for thanksgiving break and I have her in a smaller/different cage than I do back at school. At school, I have her in a big cage that is open top and a plastic container and the cage she is in now is a "travel cage" which is considerably smaller and has a wire top which I know is not entirely the best option but I can't transport her cage home every time--especially when it's just for a week. Anyways, I went go get her out and spend time with her like I usually do and normally she is grumpy/scared at first but un-balls, lays her spikes down and explores her cage. This time, however, She was completely spiked up like she was when I first got her. I put her on my chest to let her nuzzle up like she usually does and she sniffed around a little and then started biting my sleeve like she might when she anoints but she would not let go and was being "mean". I'm not sure if it's because she unhappy I have her in a smaller cage, I kept the same bedding and everything so scents should be familiar. I also have a dog so I don't know if the smell of him scares her, but he does not go upstairs. Lastly, I wonder if the smell of my house in general reminds her of when I first got her and she is scared all over again? I would appreciate any advice! I don't think I woke her up at a different time than I normally do, and I don't think it was just her being grumpy. It was much more I feel, but maybe I'm looking too much into it. I'm just worried, I don't like making my baby upset and unhappy but I don't really have much of an option for such short of a break. Thanks!

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    I bet its a little of everything-travel, cage, dog, just making her feel a bit off. She'll probably snap out of it right about the time you go back j/k. Probably the only way to minimize her reaction would be to take her on short trips (friends, etc) regularly beforehand so she gets used to it. If she's warm enough and eating and all that I wouldn't worry
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    Okay! Thank you!

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