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Thread: Hedgie cage/home/suite for sale- cincinnati/indianapolis/dayton area

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    Hedgie cage/home/suite for sale- cincinnati/indianapolis/dayton area

    Hedgehogs have special needs and require a special home. My hedgehog, Herman, passed away, so I am selling his customized hedgehog "suite." When purchasing this hedgehog living quarters, you will receive everything you need for your prickly friend with the exception of a cheap aquarium thermometer, a food dish, and liners/bedding:
    2- 117 quart Sterilize bins, customized with ventilation holes and connected with PVC ($35)
    Zoo Med Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp with 8.5" dome ($18)
    Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 100 watts ($22)
    ReptiTemperature Rheostat ($15)
    Carolina Storm Wheel with pan (pan not shown in photo) ($30)
    Kaytee small animal igloo ($11)
    Water dish ($2)
    Cooling tile (for summer) (not shown) ($2)
    Total $135 (at time of purchase)

    I am looking for $90 OBO. I will also throw in a jar of freeze dried crickets (opened but still good), hedgie nail clippers (used but clean), and a cute hedgehog decoration (shown on front). Individual components will not be sold separately; this listing is for the whole set up.
    Give your hedgehog a special place to live that allows him/her plenty of room to play (which is important for these little guys), with one clean side (for sleeping) and one play/messy side (for food, play, litter).
    Available for pick up in the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Dayton area.
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