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Thread: Hedgehog lying down?

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    Hedgehog lying down?

    Hi all, this might be a long post but here goes. My hedgehog Leslie, who is 5 and a bit years old has recently been ill, her skin was dry and she wasn't eating much. After taking her to the vets and then to a specialist in exotics we found out she had cataracts, and also a growth in her mouth (which was the cause of her not being able to eat) which was removed and has been sent off to check whether or not it was cancerous. Immediately after the visit (which was earlier today) she was right back to normal, running on her wheel and being able to eat etc. However, I've noticed that she's starting to lay flat on her stomach with her legs spread out (but she doesn't seem to have a problem standing or running as she does use her wheel and walk) but it's still concerning as she has never done it before. Also, after some googling I read that some hedgehogs do this when they get too hot, but the temperature has not changed so I don't see how that would be the cause. Anyway, is there another reason this could be happening, could it just be down to having a busy day or being put under a little gas to have the gorwth removed?
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Probably a little of everything-not feeling well and overdoing it and being tired from the gas. I would try to keep her calm and see if that helps. I hope she feels better soon
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