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Thread: Purchase turned into a rescue... :(

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    Purchase turned into a rescue... :(


    I am part of a Hedgie Facebook group for my state. I had been researching hedgehogs for some time before deciding to purchase one. A 'breeder' on the site was selling a 2 year old male. I thought, perfect! He's already been worked with, comes with a cage, great.

    No. Her house was disgusting. Feces everywhere from multiple animals. She showed me her new momma and babies, the cage was appalling. My guy had absolutely zero water. She kept them on these hard wood pellets, which I can clearly see he doesn't like walking on. I'm fairly certain he chews them, too.

    This animal clearly was never handled. He is terrified of being held, constantly is trying to attack (quills up and will lunge at me,while huffing and hissing). His nails are WAY too long. I don't know how to clip them with how upset he gets being held. I've been doing all the things by the book. Mealworms and little chicken bites when I take him out. Letting him cuddle while I watch tv, being super regimented (I've taken him out every night...yes. Every night.) I heard of some 'sweet spot' between his shoulder blades. Good luck rubbing that, I even tried to massage his quills there, and his belly and basically everywhere people say they like to be touched. Nope. He also 'sheds' a lot of what looks like dry skin. I'm not sure if it's dust bath residue or skin.

    Here are my questions.
    1. How do I go about reporting this lady for her despicable care of (all) her animals? Should I report her to the city she lived in, too?

    2. How can I clip his nails with him being so mean? I don't want to upset him more than necessary. Should I give him an Aveeno bath? I'm trying to be super nice so he doesn't associate me with bad things...

    Thank you!

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    The USDA regulates hedgehog breeders if they have 4 or more breeding females (not all have to be hedgehogs) They may not be able to do anything if she is smaller than that. The states have their own laws too. You may be better off telling this person your concerns about the animal care

    Make sure your hedgie has good vet care. I would wait on the vet until he settles down a bit temperament wise unless there is some problem. What he is shedding is probably dry skin-an aveeno bath would help. A warm bath on a warm day may relax him some or it may tick him off-you don't know until you try. You can try clipping the nails in the bath-most hedgehogs won't roll up in the water and the nails are softer and easier to clip

    He will probably settle down some within a few weeks but some take longer. Sometimes its not what you do or don't do-they just need time to settle in.
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