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Thread: Over exhausted hedgehog ??

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    Question Over exhausted hedgehog ??

    Hi forum friends and fellow hedgehog owners. Looking to get some advice on Hezzie's new habits. He is about 8 months now and the vet's checkup results were "very healthy" but lately I have been noticing that he would have strange sleeping habits. The vet didn't explain too much about it when I asked.

    Here's the situation:

    On most nights he would wheel for hours (wake up 9pm, wheel, nap 12am - 3am, wheel 3am - 6am), on intense days of wheeling. Then his following schedule is A LOT of sleeping. Instead it would be (wake up 10 minutes, eat, wheel for 1 minute (poop), then go back to sleep). Sometimes because he doesn't wake up on his own, I would have to manually wake him up then he would proceed to wheel and be fine.

    Wanted to know if this is normal for hedgehogs to "over exhaust themselves" and sleep 23 hours the next day...? Is Hezzie just bad at pacing himself?! He might not be sleeping, but just hiding under fleece?

    Few other notes:
    -late bloomer, in quilling stage, see some new quills coming in, losing about 10 each day with dry skin
    -temperature shouldn't be an issue, it's pretty regulated
    -has a pretty good diet and seems healthy
    -the room is pitch black, and quite quiet

    He has been sleeping excessively like this 5-6 times now.

    Any help, suggestions, and advice appreciated!

    Thanks for reading
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    Well, some hedgehogs become overly obsessed with their wheel and you will need to monitor your hedgehog's weight.

    Hedgehogs sleep during the day but will wake up or are okay with being waken up for play time.

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