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Thread: New Years Baby!

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    Cool New Years Baby!

    So I have a hedgehog named Stella and another named Loxely. Well on new years day of all days I look in to feed Stella in her house and saw a pink baby! She had a new years baby! I kind of figured she was pregnant because she was gaining weight but wasn't positive. Well guess how many total she had... just the 1! I heard an average size is like 3-4 per litter. I am super happy she had such a cutie pie baby, and so is that babies future human parent. I just wanted to know how many of you that have had hedgie babies had such a tiny litter. I just think it is such a neat coincidence that she had 1 on 1-1-18 of all days. Happy New Year! Also, I don't have any photos of the baby at this time because I want to leave her alone for those first couple weeks. If I can get one magically though I will post it But I would love to see your baby photos!

    p.s. this is my first post and momma is in the avatar picture.

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    Happy new year We have had litters of one. They are not super common. Babies usually do really well because they are getting all of moms attention and resources.
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