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Thread: Canadian Breeder?

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    Canadian Breeder?

    Hey guys,

    I am looking for a breeder in Canada (I live in BC, so somewhere close would be an asset) or a breeder that can ship to BC. I am actually looking for a specific hedgehog. Female (colour doesn\'t matter) but a nice calm warm snuggly personality. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re:Canadian Breeder?

    I know Kelly at Hamor Hollow will ship to Canada. Some others may as well. Check the breeder listing to your left for contact info.

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    Connecticut Hedgehogs
    A USDA licensed African pygmy hedgehog breeder located in CT. We serve the tri-state area of CT, New York State and NJ as well as Western MA (and anywhere else you happen to be) Visit our website for more information

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    Re:Canadian Breeder?

    I raise hedgehogs and so does Nancy. I\'m in Mb, and Nancy is in Ontario

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    Re:Canadian Breeder?

    I\'m in Saskatchewan and looking for a breeder. We are looking for an apricot, cinnicot or lighter colored female for pet only. Must be friendly and have a good temperment....we already have a grumpy little guy....but love him a lot!!

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    Re:Canadian Breeder?

    Where do you live nancy? im REALLY looking for a hedge hog and i live in ontario as well

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    Re:Canadian Breeder?

    same with me nancy i need a hedge i live in niagara falls in ontario msg me asap cash on hand
    looking for female apricote or white thank youuuuuuu

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