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Thread: Anyone from UK in here - with a hedgehog?

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    Re:Anyone from UK in here - with a hedgehog?

    I\'m from Kent, in the UK.

    I have 3 hoggies, my oldest male rescued from pet store who didnt know how to care for him, my younger male, and my little girl from private reputable breeders.

    My youngest male and my little girl are going to become parents in the new year too

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    Re:Anyone from UK in here - with a hedgehog?

    hi im from newcastle upon tyne

    i only have 1 cute little hedgehog called sonic

    i know a breeder in carlisle

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    Re:Anyone from UK in here - with a hedgehog?

    SarahJ wrote:
    Jo - Heres a few breeders around the UK

    Recommended breeders:-

    Richard Brown - location - York
    Email address:- pygmyhogsuk@googlemail.com
    Website:- http://www.freewebs.com/pgags-pygmies/index.htm

    Faith Morgan - location - Nottinghamshire
    Email address:- faithlmorgan@hotmail.com
    Website:- http://www.freewebs.com/hedgebottomhedgehogs

    Bonnie Martin - location - Gloucestershire
    Email address:- bonniemartin1@hotmail.com
    Website:- http://www.freewebs.com/happyhogs/

    Terry Downing - location - London
    Email address:- hoggies@flying-furbutz.co.uk
    Website:- http://www.flying-furbutz.co.uk/Prickly-Furbutz.htm

    Nikki Robbie - location - Glasgow
    Email address:- madamenr@yahoo.co.uk
    Website:- http://www.freewebs.com/hedgehoghollow/

    Adam Doona - location - Worksop/Sheffield
    Email address:- adam@animalkeeper.co.uk
    Website:- http://www.animalkeeper.co.uk/

    Michelle Todd - location - Teeside
    Email address:- michelle.todd3@ntlworld.com
    Website:- http://pricklyhedgehedgehogs.com/

    Hannah Peacock - location - Cornwall
    Email address:- hanpeacock@googlemail.com
    Website:- http://www.freewebs.com/peacockprickles

    Mel Stevens - location - Cleveland
    Email address:- mel@wobblywotnotz.co.uk
    Website: http://www.freewebs.com/hogz

    Lauren Matthews - location - Swindon
    Email address:- lauren.matthews1987@hotmail.com
    Website:- http://www.coolpighedgies.co.uk/

    Amy Holding - location - Shrewsbury
    Email address: amyturtle1102292@aol.com
    Website: http://www.shropshirehedgehogs.co.uk

    Jennifer Wheatley - location - Cheshire
    Email address - jennie_wheatley@yahoo.co.uk
    Website: http://www.rosefountainpygmyhedgehog.webs.com

    Charlie Parkinson - location - Herts/Essex
    Email address - hedgiez@cutecritterz.co.uk
    Website : www.cutecritterz.co.uk

    Colin Bradbury - location - Cleveland
    Email address - colin.bradbury1@ntlworld.com
    Website : http://www.pricklylittlefockers.com/
    Thanks Sarah!
    Mommy to:
    5 kids-KJ, Walker, Rand, Kierlyn, Raed
    14 Hedgies- Tumbleweed, Marvin, Aodhan, Shiner, Mobic, Gemma, Kisses, Lydia, Grace, Nebula, Mireya, Isis, LadyBell and Gwynn

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    Re:Anyone from UK in here - with a hedgehog?

    Hi, I\'m from the Uk. Read the comment about having hedgie conventions here, and think that\'s a great idea. I\'m from Liverpool, though I suspect your friend may have found someone by now. I originally tried adam@animalkeeper, but he did not have any for sale at the time (this was in November last year). I also tried Jennifer Wheatley i think, but she had a possible year waiting list. I was then told about a pet shop in Cheshire which had them, reccommended by a friend. However, they had them for £250. I was also told by a few people about a pet shop in Hunts Cross, which was well thought of. I went there and they were £150. I ended up convinced by my sister and one of the staff to buy one. He was an adorable little hedgie, and though the woman there who has the most knowledge about them explained that there would be more coming in, and understood my wanting to wait and consider all options, the little guy they had was so friendly, and so willing to be held, that I crumpled like an old newspaper! Anyway, suffice to say my little guy was from there.
    He has had a couple of health problems, trapped wind originally, which has been sorted, and more recently I have posted about his feet. Aside from that they have been very helpful to me, and the woman I speak to there seems to be very knowlegeable about the hedgehogs. She is very good friends with the vet I am registered with, who I\'ve discovered is the only vet in Liverpool who really seems to have any knowlege of them, and has 14 on his list.
    Anyway, I\'m, assuming your friend has found one by now.
    They also reccommended feeding james well beloved adult food to him, but to ease him onto it, as the vet suggested feeding hedgehog food, but the pet shop told me that I would be better to ease him onto the catfood, after his trapped wind, and they had been feeding him the food given by the breeder, and were used to easing their hogs onto the wellbeloved adult food.
    Anyway, to my actual hedgie. He\'s a little sweetheart, adored by my neice and nephews as much as me. In fact, my three year old nephew corrected me the other day when I said I\'d put my hedgehog back in his cage, with \'You mean OUR hedgehog. He\'s yours and mine, and mummy\'s and Daddy\'s...\'(he then went through everyone in the family). =) Even at the vets he didn\'t ball up and only hissed once at him. Though I did feel sorry for him as he kept running to me as if for help. I had to give him a hopper when we got home to win him back from his huff. =)
    Anyhow, hi to UK hedgie owners, and for anyone new joining after me, I\'d reccomend this website, and can guarantee that it is incredibly helpful to have the advice from people from the US and other countries, who have more experience and knowledge of hedgies. I have found it particularly useful, and am just glad this site exists!

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    im from the uk, i have a six month old hedgie and he is my only pet he eats one or two mealworms about 3 times a week and ive tried other treats but hes not interested, he mostly eats dry cat food

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    Hi i'm also in the UK in the midlands with a one year old hedgie called Tiggy that ive had for 2 weeks since her owner is going to be traveling so much and cant look after her.

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