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Thread: Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

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    Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

    Hello! I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I recently decided that I would like to have a pet hedgehog. I have been doing my research on how to care for them. The only thing that I have not been able to find anything on is their hair. I know.... it sounds strange. My husband is allergic to cat hair, dogs, and he is deathly allergic to guinea pig hair. I want to know what kind of hair the hedgehogs have or what it is like. I know they dont have that much hair except their tummys and legs. If you guys know anything please let me know. Thanks

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    Re:Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

    Most people that have cat and dog allergies can do well with hedgehogs. Here is an article on the subject:
    Connecticut Hedgehogs
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    Re:Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

    Allergies to hedgehogs are not very common, but can happen. My husband is allergic to contact with hedgehogs, as in, he can\'t hold or touch them without getting nasty welts and sometimes blood blisters. If you have concerns about the possibility of allergies, see if you can make arrangements to meet a hedgehog somewhere, and see if your husband has any issues. People with dog and cat allergies don\'t seem to be any higher at risk to hedgehog allergies, because I believe it is typically the dander from dogs and cats that people are allergic to, and hedgehogs have very little or no dander.

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    Re:Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

    Every human is different where allergies are concerned. We can have or develope an allergy to anything at anytime even if exposed to the same thing 100 times in the past. That said, my husband has horrible extrinsic asthma that is most affected by animals. We had tried every kind of animal you can think of, dog breeds, cat breeds, guinea pigs, birds. He could not handle any animal we have tried. My son and I raised two guinea pigs which my husband could live with but never touch. When we got Herbie, our first hedgehog, my husband found that he is able to snuggle him for as long as he wants and no welts and no asthma. We now have two hedgies. I feel so blessed to have finally found little pets my husband can enjoy because he had never in his life been able to comfortably hold an animal before. I suggest you find a hedgie and try it before you buy one but it may just be the one animal that will work for you.

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    Re:Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

    Thank you so much for replying. I greatly appreciate you answering my question. This is really the only major concern that I have. I have also contacted the International Hedgehog Association and they told me the same thing. Again, thank you!!

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    Re:Can someone be allergic to a hedgehog?

    Sometimes, people can be allergic to shaving we use to bedding of hedgies!!
    It is important to check it could be the cause.:cheer:

    Other can be allergic to annointing...
    Helva and Vicky

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