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Thread: What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

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    What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    :huh: i dont know what my hedgie likes to eat for a treat. well, she annointed at crayons, and chicken thats all. (only once, she lost intrest later) i fed her baked apples, pineapple, scrambled egg, hard boiled egg, bananas, non-seasoned chicken, etc, etc. what does ur hedgie like? also, i can\'t feed pepper meal worms or any other inscects, my family just thinks they are gross.

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    Pippi only likes fattening food: crickets - live or canned (I\'m about to try freeze dried); also mealworms - live or dried. She has eaten dark meat of poultry and loves pork roast but the vet says no more, not good for their kidneys. She will not touch any fish, eggs, vegies, fruit. I do hope yours allows you a wide variety of treats. Do not give them anything with milk for they are lactose intolerant, no cheese and no chocolate!

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    The favorite around here is mealworms-they are sorta gross but the hedgies love them.
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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    Crab cakes.....I don\'t know why they\'re a huge hit, but the hedgies here will literally FLY up to get a taste....

    Easier to obtain treat foods around here include green bell pepper, cooked chicken with a bit of garlic, a little touch of wet cat food, roasted or freeze dried mealworms, waxworms, and crickets.
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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    My little guy does not have a problem with his cat food.
    (I will post the brand name and content later)

    As for treats...

    They only treats that I have had success with is :


    Yesterday, was the first day I saw him eat some cooked chicken...
    Then he anointed himself with it... so I am not sure if he ate it... or not...

    He likes his mealworms, but he dosent seem too Crazy about them...
    He can just ignore them once in a while... probably wants to save it for later... but... no... not while its on my bed...

    I plan on getting him crickets... but... my mother wouldnt be too happy about that... because those things can multiply easely... and I live in a 3 floor house...

    Cricket infestation... emmm I would need 5 more hedgies...
    2 per floor.

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    So far I\'ve tried 8 in 1 hedgie treats and banana to no avail. I\'ve been avoiding mealworms and crickets only becuase its a long bus ride to the pet store from campus. Got to remember to steal a hard-boiled egg or a piece of turkey lunchmeat from the cafeteria next time I go.
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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    My Herman absolutely loves mealworms, they are the only thing that he will eat 100% of the time. I have also tried scrambled eggs and crickets with success and they have both become favourites around here.
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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    Hehe.. i had some broken eggs she got ahold of and not only did she lick them clean, she didn\'t crack the rest of the whole egg shell, she just stuck her nose in the crack.

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    My boys both like mealies. Herbie loves raspberries but will annoint with his own poop after eating them so we don\'t do those much. Snow likes bananas. Neither will touch chicken or other meat except for toddler meat sticks in chicken or turkey. I buy those in the baby food aisle and cut one up to split between the two. They like them but not like they love their mealies.

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    My Arya eats anything that comes in her way. form insects to human food. Any vegetable or fruit anything!!! but she absolutely loves how MAJA soap smells and if I ever use it she doesnt stop bitting me and licking.

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