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Thread: What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    Freeze dried mealies, banana baby food and little bits of chicken are all hits here.

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    Re:What does ur hedgies liek as treats?

    My hedgie loves cooked eggs, crickets and little pieces of chicken!B)

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    NEVER feed hedgies pinapple, it causes tiny abrasions which are very painfull and then the acid of the fruit irritates them even more; I'm allergic to pineapple my self and it's NOT fun! This care guide has a list of bad treats as well as good ones, it could be very usefull
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    Wilbur was a picky boy. He would pick up "new treats" and bury them in his cage, or shove them out completely. The only things he ever decided were worth it were: mealworms (fresh- not dried, those he was not pleased with), deli turkey (cheap! Nothing from the deli counter- weird boy) and, when we were getting his weight up after a bout of mites/not eating... baaaacon. And bacon grease. That last one proved very valuable when dosing him with medication. Anything in bacon grease he'd lick clean.

    Be careful of offering things like bacon or lunch meat however, unless it's an issue of needing to jump start their eating after a hedgie eating boycott. They can have high levels of sodium. Wil got them very sparingly.
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    anything squee is a munchie butt!
    I am a momma to Squee my vampire hedgie as am I :l= also
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    Harley loves chicken and turkey the best, also cat food and eggs.

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    Huffster likes cooked chicken and live mealworms. He hates vegetables & fruits.
    Chubster likes live mealworms and mashed up banana.

    I've tried eggs, apples, pears, carrots, watermelon, and strawberries. They take a bite, annoint once and then carry on like I was never there.

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    MY hedgehogs will go bananas for some chicken baby food, natural balance dog sausage,and of course mealies. Salmon nibbles or boiled bits of chicken when i trim chicken are also a big hit. However, sometimes just crushing food gets them excited. I like the fancy feast ( i think) souffle wet cat food for an occasional treat as welll, but its easy to get chunky so treats go more to retired and older hedgies or moms who are pregnant or nursing.
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    Harvey loves protein and won't touch the fruits or veggies. He adores mealworms and crickets. I just picked up some waxworms for him and he doesn't seem interested but sometimes it takes a few days for him to decide on it. I bought live crickets but forgot that they need moisture. Many died. I felt so bad. So, I buy them now and throw them in the freezer. This kills them and I don't have to worry about waste. They thaw out a little mushy but Harvey still eats them. Would your family go for that? I buy the small mealworms and just keep them in the fridge. It's not messy or smelly. Also, Harvey will eat wet cat food once in a while. I tried canned crickets but they smelled horrible and Harvey stuck his nose up at them.
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    Re:what does ur hedgies liek as treats?
    My little guy Pippin loves meal worms he scarfs them down so loud you can hear him across the room, He absolutely hates fruits and veggies, he took one sniff of an apple and ran across his cage

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