Finding good hedgehog toys can be a little tricky.

While pet hedgehogs are getting more and more popular with each passing year, they’re still considered uncommon.

This means you rarely have the opportunity to choose from a series of toys that are made strictly with hedgehogs in mind.

You want toys that keep them enriched, entertained, and happy. Also giving your hedgehog the chance to get some exercise is crucial too!

Fortunately, hedgehogs play with a wide variety of toys and are generally very curious animals. This means as long as your toy is safe and enriching, you’re good to go!

It could be store-bought (like our favorite suggestions below) or DIY and homemade toys as well. As long as it’s a safe toy that a hedgehog wants to play with, you’re probably going to be ok.

With that being said, there are some things to remember when finding the best hedgehog toys for your little friend.

Benefits Found In All Good Hedgehog Toys

If you want to pick up some hedgehog toys to bring extra enjoyment to your hedgie’s day, you’ll need to make sure it’s suitable for them.

Safety is the first and most important thing to be aware of. Anything sharp or detachable can lead to your hedgehog injuring itself.

This is one of the main reasons why we prefer hedgehog toys that are made by trusted manufacturers instead of DIY toys. The chances of the toy being unsafe or falling apart are significantly lower.

Assuming safety is taken care of, there are a couple of other traits that the best hedgehog toys share.

The first is the color. Most hedgehogs love to play with toys that are brightly colored, so keep this in mind when shopping around.

Most of the toys that we listed below are bright and eye-catching, but there’s always a chance that your hedgie is more of a dull-color lover. It’s all about learning the preference of your pet, but bright colors are a good starting point.

The other mark of a great hedgehog toy is its ability to be moved around in their cage. Hedgehogs love to move their toys around, and will likely be doing this quite often each night. If this isn’t possible, consider getting another toy. Obviously, wheels are the exception here.

Now that we’ve covered what to look for it’s time to jump into our list!

Our Reviews Of The Best Toys For Hedgehogs

We spent a lot of time searching for the best hedgehog toys that fit all the criteria we look for. We pay a lot of attention to

  • Safety
  • Enrichment
  • Comfort
  • Ease of movement
  • General fun factor (this is a little more for the owner than the hedgie)

We used a variety of sources to narrow down our list of the best hedgehog toys you can find right now. As a start, the passionate hedgehog community is a great source of knowledge and inspiration for different toy ideas.

We also took our own experiences with various toys and used this to build up our list. Once we had this in place, we started gathering and compiling feedback to find out which hedgehog toys made the most sense.

All of this in addition to some of our own preferences helped us come up with this list of the best hedgehog toys. We’re very happy with it and we think that you’re going to find some toys that your hedgie will absolutely love!

MYIDEA Playing Tunnel

This fleece sherpa hedgehog tunnel makes an ideal and cozy space for your pet. It’s soft, allowing for comfortable movement through the three-way tunnel that feels good under your critter’s feet!

This tunnel hedgehog toy provides your pet with a dark and quiet area to hide in, which will help keep them stress-free. It’s durable, and easy to clean – just throw it in your washing machine on a cold cycle and let it air dry. The fabric’s antifungal properties will do the rest. It comes in two different color patterns, making it the perfect toy for your hedgie at any time in the year.

Hollypet Small Animal Mini House

This plush fabric animal house makes the perfect hedgehog toy idea if you want to give them a secure place to snuggle, and a pretty cute photo op! It’s roomy and enclosed design gives your hedgie all the space it needs.

Choose from a variety of animal designs that will add personality to your hedgehog’s decor, all the while keeping them warm and snuggly. Aside from looking adorable, these animal houses are low-maintenance and easy to clean. The bottom of the house is waterproof, which will keep any accidents made by your critter contained. The bottom cushion removes with a zipper to ensure easy washing. You can machine wash them in cold water and air dry. 

The best hedgehog toys are as easy to clean as they are fun to play with, and the Hollypet Small Animal Mini House does both!

Niteangel Treat Ball

If you need an active hedgehog toy, you should try this treat ball. It’s got a spring-loaded door, allowing you to adjust the opening and put all kinds of treats inside the hollow interior. That means this ball can help feed and exercise your hedgehog simultaneously.

As the ball is rolled, treats will fall out, giving your pet a reward for its curiosity. The hedgehog toy comes in three colors, and two sizes (large and small). The textured carrot pattern gives your pet something to look at and grab on to, providing gentle enrichment. The toy is made of hard plastic, allowing for easy cleaning after your hedgie’s fun.

Niteangel Fun Tunnel

This hedgehog tunnel encourages exercise and exploration for your critter. It’s made of 39 inches of expandable plastic, made to give your hog a winding obstacle to maneuver. The inside hole is four inches wide and tall- snug enough to make any small animal feel secure during its journey.

The smooth plastic is resistant to stains and easy to wipe down when cleaning. It can compress into a small band for easy storing when not in use, which makes it the perfect hedgehog toy to take if you and your hedgie go on a trip!

The tunnel comes in colors blue and purple. Overall, this minimalistic hedgehog toy has a lot to offer.

Kaytee Critter Cruiser

Now your hedgehog can ride in style! This pet-powered car brings the conventional fun of a wheel, but with a stylish twist.

Coming in three colors, these plastic cars have three different wheel settings, depending on the level of activity of your pet. By adjusting the inner wheel into the top position, you allow your hedgie to run as much as it wants while the car stays stationary (if you don’t want to keep an eye on where your pet takes its new ride).

When the wheel is in the middle position, your pet can roll it’s car across any flat surface, giving them exercise and excitement, too! In the lowest position, the car fits on Kaytee’s Hamtrack, a critter roller coaster. As cleaning is needed, you can disassemble the wheel and car for easy access. This is the best hedgehog toy if your hedgie has a need for speed.

Kritter Krawler Small Animal Ball By Lee’s

There’s a reason these small animal balls are a classic hedgehog toy. The Kritter Krawler is ten inches in diameter and is clear plastic to allow your hedgie to clearly see its surroundings from inside.

The grooves inside the ball allow for traction under your hog’s feet to ensure easy and safe maneuverability. The ball comes apart into two halves held together by screws, which are easy to remove and replace.

This allows for easy cleaning while apart, and safe use while your pet is inside. The plastic is shatter-resistant, so when your hedgehog puts this toy through the wringer it will bounce right back.

Plush Squeaky Chew Toy By CatYou

This soft and durable hedgehog toy gives your pal something to throw around, and to snuggle. It comes in five different shapes and is adorable to look at. The toys have squeakers and bells inside, to give your pet a surprise when squeezed hard enough.

Whether your hedgie has one or five, this stuffed toy provides enrichment, and acts as a comfortable companion to curl up with after all of the playing has your pet tuckered out. Most of the best hedgehog toys offer this exact combination of enjoyment, enrichment, and comfort.

To clean, throw them in the washing machine on a cold cycle, then air-dry. Make sure to have a back-up toy handy, your hedgehog may miss it while it’s gone!

Small Animal Barn With Steps By JW Pet

This barn is a fantastic hedgehog toy that has two purposes built into one. If your hedgie is feeling active, it can climb the steps on the barn’s back to get to the top, where it can see all of its surroundings at once. 

If they’re not feeling adventurous, it can go inside the barn for some alone time instead. The barn is made of translucent plastic, so you can discreetly check in on your pet without disrupting its rest.

The durable plastic is easy to scrub down when it needs to be cleaned and is odor-resistant. This can also be used as a nest box for your hedgehog if she’s expecting because it’s quiet and roomy!

Talking Plush Rabbit Toy By Multipet

If your hedgehog needs a companion while you’re away, this toy companion might do the trick. When squeezed, this plush toy makes a “boing boing” sound, providing stimulation for your hedgie.

It is six inches tall – the perfect size for your hog to snuggle up with. If your pet does not respond well to the noise coming from the toy, you can simply take out the batteries, and your pet still has a soft and comfy snuggle buddy. You can spot clean these hedgehog toys with soapy water if they get messy, and they come with three LR44 1.5V Button Cell Alkaline batteries.

CritterTrail Fun-nels Pack By Kaytee

These fun-colored plastic hedgehog tubes allow you to create a personalized obstacle course for your hedgehog! Fit them together to create a winding hedgehog tunnel that will be sure to get your critter curious to explore.

Each tunnel piece is three inches high, and seven inches wide. The grooved texture gives your pet traction, allowing for safe movement through curvy and vertical climbing designs! Link together as many of these pieces as you desire and give your hog its own jungle gym!

The smooth plastic is easy to clean and comes in a zippered pouch for easy storage. Each pouch contains a large and small straight hedgehog tube, one T-tube, three corner tubes, and an extra-long straightaway tube. 

4-Pack Of Toys For Small Animals By Niteangel

Encourage your hedgie’s natural chewing instincts with this cluster of goodies. In this pack, you receive a pinecone, seagrass ball, loofah, and a willow ring. All of these hedgehog toys are light enough for your pet to fling and push around and encourage fun exercise.

The toys are made of natural fibers, so you don’t need to worry about your hedgehog coming in contact with any harmful ingredients. These toys will give your pet something satisfying to chew on and are good for their teeth.

You can also hide treats inside the loofah and give your hedgie something to forage for! This can make your critter feel like they are in the wild with these safe and natural hedgehog toys.

Pop-N-Play Ball Pack By Marshall Pet Products

These simple little hedgehog toys will provide stimulation for your critter in a colorful way. They are light, soft plastic, making them easy for them to push, throw and climb on.

They have an easy-to-clean surface, with no sharp edges.

You can use them as individual hedgehog toys, or pile lots of them in so your hog can crawl through a colorful wonderland. We suggest piling lots of them into a Pop-N-Play Ball Pit for the full effect.

Crinkle Tunnel By Kaytee

This crinkled hedgehog tunnel toy provides a unique texture for your critter to explore. It’s 23 inches long, and 6 inches wide, fitting your hedgehog perfectly. It can act as a fun obstacle or a cozy hiding spot, with multiple entry points.

As your hedgie walks through, the tunnel crackles under his or her feet, adding stimulation by sound. The tunnel comes in four different colors, perfect for the personality of any hedgehog.

The blend of cotton and polyester material is machine-washable and quick to air-dry. It’s also durable, and will easily withstand your hedgehog’s clawed feet.

Silent Runner Wheel By Exotic Nutrition

It wouldn’t be a complete list of the best hedgehog toys without a traditional wheel included! This running wheel comes in three colors and is superior to other small wheels in a number of ways.

It has no center axis or small holes, making it safer for your hedgehog to run in by preventing pinching or back injuries. The bean-shaped holes allow for your pet to enter and leave easily. 

The outside of the wheel is smooth plastic, while the inside is textured to allow for good grip. All surfaces of the wheel are easy to wipe down, and it comes apart and secures together easily. The wheel comes with a rust-resistant steel cage mount that screws in for easy assembly, and the ball bearing the wheel spins on is coated in smooth plastic, making the toy nice and quiet. You won’t have to hear the fun your hedgehog will be having with this toy all night!

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